Hello, my name is Leigh Ann Colson. I am a professional photographer as well as a member of Professional Photographers of America. I have always loved capturing smiles and nature. In high school, I took photography and learned how to do things "the old way," in the dark room, where we would develop photos we took. My parents bought a nice 35mm and I loved taking photographs of everything and everywhere. Before I graduated high school we took a trip touring Europe for 2 weeks with several others in the area. I took an enormous amount of photos while looking around all over Europe. I even paid a guy 2 pounds (their money) in London to be able to take his photo! Several years ago, Julie Heppe approached me asking if I would be interested in taking over her photography business. After much thought….and lots of prayer, I purchased her business. Julie was in the late stages of cancer and knew she needed someone who would continue to carry on her legacy. I kept the name "Heppe's Studio" for several years before making the tough decision of changing everything to my name. Now you're up to speed! Take a look around and see what you think about my style of photography! If you like it and think you need a session, give me a call! I'd be happy to schedule your appointment and show you how much fun Leigh Ann Colson Photography can make your photography session!